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Jimmy Katsouridis


Hello, My name is Jim Katsouridis, President and founder of VanTrans Limousine based out of Torrance, CA. We have developed and pioneered the world’s first Limo Van Shuttle Service. VanTrans Limousine will revolutionize the transportation industry and will set a new world standard for saving time, money, lives and creating jobs. We provide limousine interior luxury vans that seat up to 9 people each and specialize in group drop off and pick up service, where you are not charged by an hourly commitment but only for the drive time to and from your destination. Limousine service at taxi rates. We are pressing forward to raise capital to standardize our fleet, and possibly purchasing additional vehicles to better expedite your transportation needs. I would like to offer you the following special deal:


Please reference our $480.00 Special when you call:

For $480.00 you will receive a VanTrans Limousine gift certificate that entitles the bearer to 8 hrs of Van Trans Limousine service to be used at any time, including holidays.

Choose from one of the following:

  1. 8 hrs continuous VanTrans Limousine Service.
  2. (2) 4 hr continuous VanTrans Limousine Service.
  3. (2) Group Drop Off and Pick Up Service. 1-9 Passengers each.

Anywhere in the LA/OC Area

*Call in advance/first come, first serve, must be pre-paid.

If you find a better transportation service for the price you pay, use it!

No Hassles, No Gimmicks, No Restrictions, No Limit.

If our drivers do not treat you like family, or our transportation service does not stand up to your expectations, we will refund your money within 24hrs.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to better serve you.

All major endorsements DOT/PUC/ Dept. of Airports/ School Districts.


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